A minute with Maggie

Naomi (or Maggie - don't ask!) is a UKCP and BACP registered psychotherapist, offering integrative talking therapy for adults and adolescents at her practice in North London.


With 20 years of experience in youth work, Maggie is passionate about supporting young people through the challenges and dilemmas that the teen years bring, helping them to explore new ways of understanding, and the varied possibilities for responding to, their experiences and feelings.


Being an “agony aunt” has been a dream of Maggie’s for many years. With mental health issues on the rise amongst 12-18 year olds, many young people who would benefit from thinking something through confidentially with a trusted adult are simply not accessing what they need when they need it. Writing anonymously about a subject or struggle that is on their mind and receiving a thoughtful answer from an expert can make all of the difference for a young person's wellbeing.


All submissions via the form below will be governed by the strictest professional standards and subject to the usual terms of Agony Aunt columns, with any personal details visible to Maggie alone (and nobody else from Team Smudge or elsewhere).

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