For Parents

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Dear Parent, 

Firstly thank you for checking out Smudge.

Let me explain. I founded Smudge while my daughter (now 12) was going through the motions of becoming a tween and everything that came with it. I noticed there was no one place that I could take her where she could experience growing up and the changes she was going through in an appropriate way. I wanted to create a safe space where teens can be educated, guided and influenced in the 'right' way.

There will always be social media, Tik Tok, Snapchat and You Tube for the quick fixes and bits of inspiration. That's fine and it's going to happen whether we like it or not - but we need something to balance out these unmoderated platforms.

That is where Smudge comes in - a carefully curated one-stop-shop for both teens and parents to experience "growing up", with bespoke content created by experts in their fields to guide them along the way.

Our promise to you is that we are here to do our bit and help in whatever way we can to engage with teens in a fun yet educational way, teaching them valuable skills and life lessons. We don't seek or receive any reward from any third parties; we have no vested interest in promoting any particular products or services. We are independent experts providing the best guidance we can. 

See below for just some of what we do, and check out our monthly Newsletter for more information and what Masterclasses we're running that month.

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 Staying Fit and Healthy 

If only we knew then what we know now! Having a fit and healthy lifestyle from an early age is the best advice Smudge can give. Our growing network of fitness specialists have curated amazing fitness session for teens.

Whether its to calm and relax them or get them to sweat it out, it's going to boost their energy levels and wellbeing.

 Friendships and Dating 

Now, more than ever, we want to know our teens understand what the rules are with friendships and dating. How to deal with emotions and feeling overwhelmed. How to say NO. 

Smudge's expert pschyotherapists are here to guide teens through accessible and calming Masterclasses, covering dating, friendships, bullying and lots more.

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     Healthy Eating     

Highly trained nutritional therapists offer their expertise to advise teens on how to eat healthily, to keep their energy levels up, their skin glowing and their moods balanced. They will learn quick and easy recipes too so you may be in for a tasty meal in the not too distant future!

 Make Up and Skincare 

Smudge's expert MUAs and skincare specialists will advise and guide teens with easy-to-follow tutorial style Masterclasses. 

Using age-appropriate methods to apply tried and tested products, Smudge will help teens achieve the latest looks and styles in a way that gives them - and you - confidence in their appearance.

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