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Dear Teens, 

I'm so excited to have you checking out Smudge and all that's on offer. Smudge is the first and only Teen Platform where you can access the latest and valuable guides, advise and expertise by trained MUA's, Fitness Instructers, Nutritionists, Skin Care Specialists, Wellbeing Coaches, basically anything and everything to do with Beauty and Wellness.

Smudges promise to you is that all the content in our Masterclasses are created solely for Smudge, our aim to let you into our secret club, full of skills you can take away and put to your own lives to better yourself. With so many different masterclasses you are bound to find a new passion that is yet to be discovered or simply learn how live a happier and healthier life.

As part of the Smudge culture I ask you one thing, to stay true to who you are!

There will always be social media, Tik Tok, Snap Chat and You Tube for the quick fixes and bits of inspiration and that's fine and going to happen but always remember what makes you, you! 

Smudge is about not being perfect and making mistakes, so any Masterclass you do with us just have fun with them and like I say make mistakes and just move on from them.

Smudge would love to hear from you, so if there are any topics you'd like to see more of, or something we haven't yet touched on then please get in touch.

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Sarah X 

P.S. See below for just some of what we do. Please check out our Monthly Masterclasses for more info and what's on offer that month.

Get Your Sweat On!

Having a healthy lifestyle from an early age is the best advice Smudge can give. Smudge has an ever-growing team of fitness, yoga and pilates experts who have created amazing Masterclasses for teens of all fitness levels.

Whether it's to calm and relax, or sweat it out,

it's going to energise you for the day....

What are you waiting for??

Friendships and Dating

Life is slowly getting back to normal but this also brings its challenges - settling back into long school days, rebuilding friendships and sometimes feeling overwhelmed by it all.

Smudge's wellness experts are here to guide you, through amazing interactive Masterclasses covering dating, friendships, bullying, stress, social media and lots more.

Healthy Eating 

With the help and advice from nutritional therapists you will learn how to eat healthily, not to take food out of your diet but about eating the right foods to keep your hormones balanced, keep your energy levels up and your skin glowing. You will learn quick and easy recipes too, you can even surpirse your parents and siblings with your new culinary skills! 

Make Up and Skincare

Smudge amazing MUAS' and Skin Care Specialists will teach you easy to follow  make up Masterclasses and skin regimes to keep your skin the perfect canvas for your make up, as well as recomendations  on the latest make up and skin must haves.