Smudge Salon is an online platform, offering expert-led Masterclasses to guide and inspire teenagers in emotional wellbeing, social and digital relationships, beauty and skincare, and physical health.
Each month, we bring you four new Masterclasses, exclusively curated for Smudge, covering specific aspects of these all-encompassing areas. Our on-demand library ranges from mindfulness and tapping to online identity, lockdown skincare and the perfectly balanced breakfast.
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Smudge is recognising that there is no such thing as the right look or the right way to be, and that true beauty only ever comes from within.

Smudge aspires to blend out, not in.

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The Make Up Masterclass was incredible. Sarah gave us subtle tips that made huge differences. We learnt how to be quicker with our application - not to mention how much product she helped us save! Overall I would give this class top marks.

Cydney 12

 Healthy Fruit Salad

After having high sugar cereal for breakfast every morning, I've only now realised what a bad way that is to start my day! 

I'm now having a much healthier breakfast and already notice a difference in my mood, concentration and my skin. I've honestly learnt so much in just one masterclass, I can't wait to do more.

Molly 14

Outdoor Meditation

I've always been embarrassed to try Tapping, but knowing that I can learn at home and do it on my own made it ok. I find it very relaxing and if I'm ever feeling stressed or overwhlemed I spend a few minutes quietly in my room doing what Kate taught me and it makes me feel much calmer after.

Leah 13