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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder. Vol.1 March 2020

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Hi and welcome to my first blog.

I’m Sarah Goldstone and this is Smudge.

Let me start by telling you about Smudge.

I have been a professional make up artist for over 15 years and have spotted a gap in the market for teenage beauty and wellness.

Smudge is about not being perfect. About making mistakes and being ok with it. Smudge is a concept that I created to help teens understand that its OK to be different, to FEEL different and HAVE different needs. It’s hard enough being a teenager in today's society, what with social media and influencers being the main form of marketing and promotion and how these send mixed and confusing messages.

Smudge is there for both teenagers and their parents, it is a platform which delivers a healthy balance between beauty on the one hand, and wellness on the other. A platform where teens can access content, ranging from make up tutorials to health and fitness videos, recipes for healthy eating, and advice from experts about skin care, coping with exam stress, and so many other important topics….

All underscored and brought to life by age-appropriate workshops, where teens can experiment and get hands on experience with the experts.

A safe, but parent-FREE, place, where teens can reach out if they need help or simply ask “what’s the best moisturiser for acne prone skin?"

To get feedback from a professional in that field - rather than an influencer on YouTube or Instagram, with no training or knowledge of make up or mental health, whose main focus is gaining celebrity, not credibility.

Smudge Pop Ups are exclusive, ticket-only events in exciting locations — currently only in London, but with the plan to expand to other major cities.

The next London event takes place on 3rd May 3-5pm at the Arts Building in Finsbury Park. Spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment, you can book via my website: www.smudgesalon.com

These workshops are where teens are introduced to multiple aspects of beauty and wellness, which vary at each event — yoga, nutrition, beauty, mindfulness, teen fitness, styling and body image, skin care and lots more.

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I hope you have a fun filled month and I look forward to chatting to you again in April with lots of juicy news and offers.

Sarah xxx

Smudge Salon