Smudge Masterclasses. Vol 2. December 2020

So I’ve decided I’m not going to bore you all by moaning about what an awful year we have had as honestly I’m so bored of talking about "IT" and I’m pretty sure you all are too. So instead I‘m taking this opportunity to celebrate all the wonderful and exciting projects Smudge has in store for 2021!

I wanted to officially put it out there that Smudge will be providing Online Masterclasses available from February 2021. This is something I have been working on during lockdown, partly due to lockdown and not physically being able to run Pop Ups in person but also because this way Smudge can reach out to so many more Teens in need, more than ever. The masterclasses will be half hour sessions run by professionals and are there to guide teens through everything beauty and wellness has to offer.

The masterclasses will be released once a month and vary in theme, there will be 4 different Masterclasses per month from; Make Up Tutorials, Nutrition workshops, Digital Wellbeing Discussions, Anxiety workshops, Skin Problems Solved ........... and lots more.

All the content will be authentic and created solely for Smudge. All the professionals involved are just wonderful and I’m so lucky to have them as part of the Smudge Salon Team. Together this unique platform will deliver professional support in a completely new way.

This really is an essential time to be there for teenagers. This platform for teens will have everything you'll need at your fingertips. You will learn the tools you need to stay healthy, positive, stress free, feeling confident, sleep well and more.

Think of Smudge Online as a new take on a Teen Magazine.

You can purchase one Masterclass at a time or buy a monthly subscription to Smudge and receive 4 Masterclasses each month.

It would make an amazing gift for any occasion or something parents can treat their teens to, to receive genuine guidance in all areas of teenage life, in a fun and engaging way and covering so many different topics. For teens to be part of Smudge is something completely unique, a place you can feel totally at ease and be part of an exciting community. Somewhere you can ask questions and share your thoughts and worries.

I’m so looking forward to seeing where 2021 takes Smudge and I hope to have you on board this journey.

I’ll see you on the other side.

Happy Holidays,

Here’s to a much more positive and exciting year ahead,

Sarah X

Smudge Salon