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Sarah Goldstone

Founder (Smudge) and

Professional Make Up Artist

I am a professional make up artist with over 17 years' experience. I work with private clients, celebrities, fashion photographers, music video makers, and doing make up for special occasions. I have been creating and running masterclasses for all ages since 2016.


I spotted a gap in the market for a safe and appropriate space for Teen Beauty and Wellness and launched Smudge at the end of 2019, holding Pop Ups Workshops.

I've had to navigate the business in the last 2 years and I am now excited to be bringing all of this to Smudge Online. Teenage tutorials and Masterclasses at your fingertips.


I'm so lucky to have built the Smudge Team so far and have the most amazing experts sharing their knowledge. The team is forever expanding with new and  engaging content   each month.

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Naomi Magnus


Naomi - aka Maggie (don't ask!) - is a UKCP and BACP registered psychotherapist, offering integrative talking therapy for adults and adolescents at her practice in north London.


With 20 years of experience in youth work, she is passionate about supporting young people through the challenges and dilemmas that the teen years bring, helping them to explore different ways of understanding and responding to their experiences and feelings.

Being an “agony aunt” has been a dream of Naomi’s for many years. With mental health issues on the rise amongst 12-18 year olds, many young people who would benefit from thinking something through confidentially with a trusted adult are simply not accessing what they need when they need it. Writing anonymously about a subject or struggle that is on their mind and receiving a thoughtful answer can make all the difference for a young person's wellbeing.

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Lisa Montlake

Skincare Specialist

I have worked in the beauty industry for 30 years, and I still love it!

I enjoy being able to educate teens on how to start their skincare journey. So many of us did not have the knowledge when we were teenagers, so unfortunately unknowingly did so much damage over-stripping and sensitising the skin. It is so rewarding to be able to start teens off on the right foot, and hopefully help them avoid making the mistakes that most teenagers must deal with.

I have had my own clinic focussing totally on skincare for the past 17 years. The health of our skin has a huge impact on our mental wellbeing. What I love most is helping teenagers feel comfortable and confident in themselves - healthy glowing skin is a great start.

Understanding is the key to teenagers taking control of their own skin. I look forward to helping them tackle many skin concerns including correct cleansing, dealing with breakouts and how to look after your skin when you are struggling with hormones.

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Laura Southern

Nutritional Therapist

Hi, I'm Laura, a nutritionist who is passionate about helping teen girls feel and look their best through food.


Throughout the courses we'll focus on nutrition for supporting periods, studying, skin, energy, emotions - the right food really can help all these areas! There will always be easy-to-follow advice, and simple tips and tricks for easy foods to add into your day.


My nutrition company is called London Food Therapy and over my decade of working in nutrition (yes, I'm old) I've helped support loads of teen girls to feel good about their food choices and live healthier lives.


I'm looking forward to sharing some of my knowledge and passion with you. 

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Monique Howie

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

I’ve worked with so many teens over the years. Time and time again the same themes come up. One thing that strikes me is how isolating life can feel. Most young people think it’s just them - struggling with their confidence, finding their voice, and managing stress.


I’m really encouraged and excited to find a platform that’s unique in its service as it provides a holistic range of support, strategies and advice in some of the key areas of life that will make a real difference to teens, by boosting their self esteem, recognising habits that may be holding them back, and gaining a clearer focus on what they want for themselves.

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Bev Costoya

Digital Wellbeing

Bev believes that we are all wonderful, unique individuals and that we can all find a way to use tech that works for each of us as individuals.  As a reformed obsessive googler, Bev loves helping people figure out how they can use tech on their terms and not just the way tech companies want them to use it.


Bev has worked in software design, development and training for over 20 years. She's a data privacy cheerleader and encourages people to care about their data online. In 2019, Bev retrained in the area of digital wellbeing, completing her ICF Diploma. She offers 1:1 and group coaching alongside various workshops to help people question their digital habits

and make lasting changes.


Bev believes we can use tech to support our own unique beliefs and values by being clear on what our intentions are and how they may differ from those who design and build tech.

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Sian Clarke

Personal Styling Expert

Sian Clarke is a Personal Styling expert, brand ambassador and blogger who specialises in advanced colour styling. 

As a celebrity stylist, Sian has worked with the likes of Sarah Pascoe, Dawn O’ Porter, Alice Levine & Katherine Ormerod and has appeared on Channel 5, Heart FM and Sunday Times Style as well as multiple podcasts.

Sian is a strong believer that style starts from within, helping people to navigate transformational times in their lives and form a stronger connection with who they are on the inside, so they can confidently present that person on the outside.

Styling sessions with Sian are a transformational process enabling that inner connection and boosting confidence whilst also giving them the tools to understand body shape and the transformative role of colour.

Sian wants clients to feel empowered in order to make great styling choices that reflect their individuality and are an expression of their true selves.

The result is a true investment into yourself as clothing is a way of letting the world know who you are without having to speak. 

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Emma Garson

Fitness Coach

Emma is a qualified group fitness instructor, yoga teacher, gymnastics coach and children's activity instructor!

Emma has taught more than 10,000 classes in her 18 year career in the fitness industry. She has a very motivational style and will not let you give up even when it gets hard. Her approach is modern and energetic. In her classes you will learn to work with good alignment and be given adaptations to suit your bodies needs.


Emma loves the mad high energy classes and often plays Dizzie Rascal's “Bonkers”, which she would say was the soundtrack to her life. Her clients find it funny when attending one of her slower more chilled classes and often ask her if she has a twin.


Emma is super excited to start to introduce you to different styles of fitness classes, yoga... as well as ways to relax and just breathe.

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Kate Moryoussef

Wellbeing and EFT Coach

Kate is a Wellbeing and Emotional Freedom coach, host of The Ambitious Mum Podcast and mum to four kids. 

Kate is passionate about helping people rediscover their confidence, wellbeing, passion, creativity and clarity, while tapping into their expansive potential that may have been sitting dormant for a long time. 

She loves supporting people to recognise what’s been holding them back and why they've felt this resistance - so she can guide them to trust the inner connection and wisdom that's been there all along.

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We've got a great team - but we'd love to make it even better.  There are so many topics that we'd love to cover - and so many more we haven't even thought of yet.

If you have expertise and passion that you think you can bring to an area of teen beauty and wellbeing, we'd love you to join our team. 

There's no convoluted application process or trick questions! Just get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

The more great experts we have working on Team Smudge, the better. Simple as that.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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