What is Smudge?

 Smudge is what you get when you cross

 a make up artist with almost 20 years'   experience - and an oldest child who is   about to enter her teens.

Smudge is understanding that teenagers need to be allowed to do things their way; but that inexperience and external influences sometimes mean that some guidance - from a trusted, independent source - may well be best for everyone.

Smudge is recognising that there is no such thing as the right look or the right way to be, and that true beauty only ever comes from within.

Smudge aspires to blend out, not in.

And maybe, just maybe, Smudge is the social holy grail - a place where teens want to hang out, and their parents are happy for them to do so!

Thank you for visiting Smudge - I hope to see you at a Masterclass soon.

Sarah x